How can you make some extra income?

Having a second home is pleasurable. You can have a wonderful time with families or friends and take a break from your daily life. However, you are not always staying in your condo or chalet in Tremblant.

Have you ever thought of renting out your property to suitable visitors to earn additional income? This is an excellent way to make your purchase profitable, help you pay off your bill while enjoying the benefits of having a holiday property.

The only problem is the management. Making reservations, dealing with housekeeping, ensuring that customers are respectful, managing calendars, and answering questions, etc., take a lot of time and energy. This is why we offer turnkey rental management services for individuals owning a condo or a chalet in Tremblant.

Why opt for holiday rental management services rather than handling everything on your own?

Our experience in the rental of chalets and condos is well recognized.

Many individuals have put their trust in us for several years to rent out their properties. Our expertise enables us to deal with every possible situation.

Poor logistics can lead to big losses for you. Problems with the booking calendar, cleaning between 2 rentals, in brief, short-term rental management can quickly become hell if it is not done correctly.

Entrust the management of your condos or chalets to competent persons with experience to avoid any frustrations. Earn income easily and quickly.

Why choose Accès Tremblant?

We have owned ourselves a few units for 10 years now. At the request of certain owners, five years ago, we began to manage properties in Tremblant in addition to our own units. With the success that we have obtained with these units in terms of the quality of the clients, as well as the higher revenues that we pay to the owners, we wish to make you benefit from our expertise.

Having only a few properties, our services are very personalized, and our occupation rates are very high. The feedback that we received from the owners is that we deliver much higher income than with their old agencies and that their units have remained in excellent condition. In addition, you benefit from an unmatched price and quality in the Tremblant area.

A formula that works for individual owners in Tremblant and its surrounding area.

Our formula for the short-term rental management of condos and chalets in Tremblant is well established. Whether your chalet is by the lake or in front of the mountain, we have the right customers for you. The results are there and you make money when you are not staying in your second home.

Take this unique opportunity and contact us now. We only take a limited number of customers to offer 5-star service, and our management fees are very competitive.

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If you want to increase your income to make your property profitable, let us present our services to you.

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